Solving More than Simple Electricity Needs

GE’s J920 FleXtra Jenbacher gas engine is designed for a variety of multiple engine power plant solutions — from remote power supply to combined heat and power (CHP) generation.

New J920 Features Combustion
Powerhouse Solutions

GE’s J920 FleXtra is optimized for large gas engine power plants. It offers a highly standardized powerhouse plant concept with fast delivery times and low installation costs. While the size of the plant, actual plant design, and layout depend on your specific needs and site requirements, the J920 FleXtra plant solution is developed as a modular system with a minimal footprint. This design allows for seamless installation with any multiple-engine configuration, and, therefore, offers flexible size options for a multiple 9.5 MW system at constant top in its class electrical efficiency levels. Combining the multiple-engine concept with a five-minute engine start-up time provides flexible power—from baseload to cyclic and peaking operations.

Solutions Powerplant City
Combined Heat and Power

The simple use of jacket water heat, and heat from oil and mixture coolers, combined with heat from the gas engine exhaust makes the J920 FleXtra gas engine an effective CHP solution. The best total efficiency is achieved when the heating water circle has a return water temperature of 70°C and a hot water temperature of 90°C. The J920 FleXtra’s 2-stage turbocharging technology enables a total efficiency for providing power and heat up to 90% and more — more than 3% better than that of a single-stage turbocharging gas engine.